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Clear Eye

who it's for

You need to transform your online presence, quickly.

You’ve finally got this thing down to somewhat of a science — you’re running a damn business! BUT, although you’ve got steady clients, your current brand and website are simply not measuring up. You cringe whenever you have to give someone your business card (if you still use one of those things) for fear they’ll discover that you’re — GASP! — a DIYer / budgetnista. There’s no judgement — you have to start somewhere, AND… you know that money is energy and if you expect to get paid for your services, it feels good to do the same and value someone else’s expertise.

what's included (3-5 week timeline)

The total package to create an authentic, profitable and meaningful online presence.

How it works

The Process

Big Picture Plan

We'll chat on a call for 2 hours to dig deep into you, your business, where you are, where you want to be, and what's getting in the way. We'll create a solid strategy to meet your goals and it's yours to keep, whether you work with me to execute it or not (your investment is applied to your package if you do!).

Get Clear on Audience & Offers

We'll deep dive into your ideal audience and figure out what makes them tick, what they desperately desire, and how you can fulfill a need for them. We'll create or update offers to suit, as well as messaging and pricing that converts.


We'll create an online inspo board of everything lights you up and talk about the kind of brand imagery and emotion that resonates with you and your audience. You'll get a new logo with submarks and icon, as well as supporting typography, colors, brand voice, messaging and photography guidance. 


We'll pull from our BPP and our audience deep dive, as well as proprietary copy worksheets to create website and marketing copy that expresses who you are, what you do, and why you're uniquely qualified to help people with it. This will help to inform the journey your website user needs to take to feel like the hero in their own life story.

User Journey

We'll create a user experience that takes your ideal client on a journey, weaving your authentic story into every touchpoint so they understand what it would be like to solve their issue and come out the victor on the other side. The outcome will be wireframes that we'll use as the blueprint for our website design.

Website Design & Build

Based on your business objectives, our strategy, copywriting and UX work, we'll design and build a website that tells a story so compelling your potential clients can't help but fall in love with the idea of working with you. 

Launch with Support

When we're ready to launch, I'll take care of all the technical stuff (rest easy!) and you'll get launch copy to use on social media and in email marketing, as well as gorgeous graphics to promote your new digital home. 

Shall we get started?

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