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the story

Stacy is a mom, a step-mom, and a coparent, not to mention a certified coach who has her own podcast. As she looked to transition into coaching women and teaching families how to parent better together, she needed a create a brand and a website for her business.

Stacy’s brand was inspired by things that are comfortable and sturdy, that stand the test of time (think leather couch, solid gold, and a faded camo jacket) with a touch of muted pink for a feminine touch.

the palette

the typography

K2D Lite



the brand board

stacy idema written in script text
Meredith was thorough and thoughtful. She was genuinely interested in understanding my pain points, not just selling me a solution. She went out of her way to make sure we worked together during the process and didn't rush me through anything just to get to completion. She found themes and colors that resonate and are consistent with my personality. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Meredith! Her design expertise and compassion blended well with my desire to speak authentically and passionately to my audience.
Stacy Idema
Certified Coach

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