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Your dream,
our process,
spellbinding results.


Your vision — viola! Reality.


Brand & Website Templates


To inspire the conjure-it-yourself types

The Decree

You deserve to have

you're proud of.

Chances are, your current brand and website feels like two left shoes (and not the red bottom ones).

Whether you want something simple or a bespoke powerhouse with all the bells and whistles, you deserve to feel EXCITED and PROUD to share that baby with the world! You should be in love with your brand and website.

Let me help you conjure up the perfect, authentic representation of you.

free download

How to Conjure Up a High-Converting Homepage

Want to create a better homepage but not sure where to start? Grab this step-by-step instruction manual for creating a website landing page that makes people want whatever yer sellin’.

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What's Your Authentic Brand & Website Style?

What’s the magical elixir that will pump your brand and website full of new, authentic, delicious life? You are as rare as the elusive Dixonii rabbit, dear one, so a quiz can’t tell you *everything* but it can point you in the right direction of understanding what style vibes most with your soul.

I'm Meredith

I help womxn entrepreneurs craft an authentic brand story so they can genuinely and confidently connect with their audience.

I’m here to help you get clarity around everything that makes you and your business so special (if you think there’s nothing there, trust me, there’s a freakin’ gold mine of reasons – you just need the right tools and a skilled partner to help you dig!) and how to represent that through words, visuals and overall vibe. 

In short, my process is not just a let’s-make-it-pretty quick fix (though it will be pretty) but rather more of a deep dive into who you are, why you do what you do, who it’s for, and how to make your brand and content so scroll-stoppingly relevant that those people can’t help but feel like they were destined to find you. 

So, basically, when compared to your typical brand and web services… more win-win and less yawn-snooze.

Let's make magic together

Here's What I Can Do For You

the first step

The Big Picture Plan

Feeling overwhelmed and not sure where to start? Get a personalized marketing plan that acts as an actionable roadmap. 

for biggest up-levitation

Bespoke Branding & Websites

Fully custom, destined for you and you only, authentic brands and websites.

for quick-turn needs

1:1 Design Divination Day

Whether it’s customizing a template or polishing a logo, you get 8 hours of focused, professional design help.

for conjure-it-yourself types

Shop Brand, Design & Website Templates

Browse beautiful pre-made, customizable logo, Canva, Showit website and Elementor website templates.

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