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I believe in the power of you.

levitate above the noise

I see the future and it's so magically YOU.

Maybe you tried the budget or DIY route (zero judgement — you have to start somewhere) or you’ve simply outgrown your original brand or website.

Either way, you are hesitant to slap your logo on printed collateral (“What if they think the logo my neighbor’s son’s roommate made for me is unprofessional?”) or drive people to your website (“2010 called and they want their boxy website back?”) …

… because it feels out of alignment with who you are authentically. And, girl, I *don’t* love this for you. 

You DESERVE a brand and website that makes you PROUD to show off. Period.

2 hour call + takeaway plan / $795

The Big Picture Plan

You don’t need a magic wand to achieve your vision for your brand and website. The magic is WITHIN YOU, love. Let me help you distill all that noise and overwhelm into a tangible, actionable game plan to levitate your business to the next level. 

The BPP is required for all other packages, except for Design Divination Day, and the cost is applied towards their total cost.

8 hour vip day / $3,795

Design Divination Day

If you want to put your Big Picture Plan into action right away, this solution is perfect because we will schedule an all-day collab session to work on your brand, website or anything design-related that will help you make progress towards launching the damn thing. You can even start with a template in our shop!

Brand + Website package / $12,500

The Craft

For those looking for branding and a website that helps you stand out without sacrificing authenticity, this package is like Ace Ventura in all his unapologetic uniqueness *skrrrrrt*-ing through a j-turn into a parking spot with rubber a squealin’. In other words, it fits… uhhh like a glove.

total brand + website up-level / $18,500

Clear Eye

For those who want the full charm bag from aesthetics to brand tone, core values, and USP (unique selling proposition) development, a bespoke custom website designed in your style, and loads of support, this solution is like never having worn clothes that fit and never being able to see the floor in your messy apartment and then being picked for Queer Eye. It’s a *total transformation*, queen.

complete brand + web levitation / $24,500

Love Potion No. 9

“Ummm, everyone hears what I have to say, I’m turning heads, and they’re all falling in love with me.” Okay, so not quite like men beating down doors to get your phone number (so they can leave you a message on your answering machine, remember those?!)… but kind of. This is for those who want everything in the Clear Eye package PLUS additional launch tools and post-launch support so you can put yourself out there with confidence. Simply irresistible.

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