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The real deal on what I believe are the best website design for small business options in 2024 - especially if you're looking for a custom, bespoke branded design to really make your online presence stand out as authentically yours.
New coaches and service providers often miss the most important part of building their offer (package, program, course, event, etc.): choosing a niche, or specialty.
In order to attract the right people, I needed to refine my offer from “anything you need designed, I’ll do it” to something much more niched and focused. Many people spend weeks or even months getting the details of their offer into something concrete. I did it in just a couple days.
When I decided to integrate life coaching into my creative business, I had NO idea how to sell my services to potential clients. It took me years to learn how to sell from a place of ease and authenticity, rather than pushing and trying to control an outcome. Now, I know how to have meaningful conversations to understand how my work can serve people and if it's the right fit, how to help them see that. Here's how.
I build all my client sites with Elementor page builder plugin for WordPress. This post is packed with helpful tutorials and tips for getting started using Elementor on your own WordPress website.
There’s a term called Servant Leadership that is used to describe leaders who prioritize their followers’ welfare and well-being, leaders who serve their followers by providing for their needs and responding to their concerns. According to one model of servant leadership, there are 7 critical behaviors that servant leaders perform.

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