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a single day intensive one-on-one

Design Divination Day

who it's for

You need some wicked fast assistance with design

You’re not ready for a full overhaul but you desperately need to put a bandaid on some pieces of your brand’s outward-facing materials. Whether you need help cleaning up a logo, designing a new page for your website, making some customizations to your website theme or template, or just need a beautiful business card to match your stuff… I’ve got you. This day is for anything I can reasonably help you with, and you get my undivided attention with a pre-strategized game plan for how we’ll use our 8 hours.

what's included (typically books 3-4 weeks out)

A personalized 8-hour session for focused design help with your brand, website or something else

Book a VIP Day and get my full attention for 8 hours of expert design help! We’ll take 2x 15-minute breaks and a 1-hour lunch to break up the time, but we’ll work for 8 solid hours. We can customize the day ahead of time to suit your needs, but here’s an idea of some things we could work on together:

How it works

The Process

Have you ever wished you could just sit down and knock that thing out — thing being any design-related project like a logo refresh, website page, or marketing brochure? Problem is, while you are really good at what you do, design isn’t that thing and you’ve bumped up against the edge of what you can reasonably handle on your own while maintaining your sanity. I’m here to help! Here’s how it works.

Apply for a D3 Session

If you're interested in a Design Divination Day with me, simply fill out an application form, letting me know what you'd like to work on and your desired D3 Session date. 

Complete Your Digital Paperwork

If we are a good fit for a D3 session (yay!), you'll receive some digital paperwork and an invoice, as well as access to your client portal. You can select from the upcoming available dates to book your D3. A 10% non-refundable deposit is due upon booking.

Upload Assets + Share Access

In advance of our D3 session, you'll upload any photos, documents, color palettes, and other files that we'll need during our VIP Day to a private shared drive. You'll also provide access to any platforms I'll need access to for us to complete our agreed upon project. 

Design Divination Day

We'll meet for a full day on our agreed upon date! If you're in or close to Charlottesville, VA, we can meet in person! If not, we will meet on Zoom. Plan for 9 1/2 hours (we'll take two 15-min breaks and a 1-hr lunch). 

Project Files & Next Steps

You'll receive a personalized summary and game plan for next steps. This might include what is recommended to finish something we started, or what you could do to take it to the next level if and when you're ready. You will also get to keep all the files and assets we design together during our session!

Ready to do this thing?

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