personalized marketing strategy & action plan

The Big Picture Plan

who it's for

You want clarity admist the overwhelm and clearly defined action steps

The Big Picture Plan is more than a consulting session (though it’s also that). We’ll spend about 2 hours together on Zoom and then you’ll get a custom, step by step, detailed marketing game plan of what’s next for you, including prioritized action items based on your personal goals as well as resources to help you achieve those goals faster.

The BPP is the first step for all of my brand and website packages and the cost goes towards any package of your choice. It’s the overwhelm antidote and helps give you a clear picture of what actions to take to get closer to the outcomes that are most important to you.

Don’t want to work with me to accomplish the items in your BPP? No problem. The plan is yours to keep and use as your roadmap, no matter how you choose to tackle the To Do’s in it.

Not sure yet? Book a Free Fit Call to see if it's right for your business!

what's included (1-2 week timeline)

Distill the chaos into actionable next steps that feel aligned

(applicable to any brand and web package)

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