the story

The Natural Wall is an eco-conscious custom wall art studio in Colorado. The artist and mastermind behind The Natural Wall, Janet, wanted help creating a brand that has a human element, reflects her connection with the natural world, and tells a story much like she does for her clients through her work. We worked together to create a beautiful system that allows for detail and color in a hand-painted watercolor logo and a very simple stamp-like version that’s great for minimalist usage.

the palette

the typography

playfair display bold


lekton regular


the inspiration

inspiration board with a raven, watercolor flowers, botanical rubber stamps, and simple living
She gave me an image that was in my mind, but couldn't articulate visually. Professional, affordable, and a unique perspective. The biggest takeaway was Meredith's ability to hear underneath my words, to what I wasn't saying. After several false starts with branding concepts, I now feel I can move forward with a clear representation of life's work.
Janet e.
owner & Artist, The Natural Wall

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