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the story

Lesley Leake has been practicing and teaching yoga for years. As a student and a teacher, she realized the need for creative cueing. Sometimes you’re new to teaching, sometimes your brain is foggy and you can’t remember sh*t, and sometimes you hear another teacher use a cue that makes so much sense—but you can’t remember it later. 

Thus, The Vinyasa Yoga Cue Book was born! The book contains 60 of the most common vinyasa poses and includes three cues to help students go deeper into the pose. This workbook for teachers also includes ample space for notes so they can tote it to class in their bag and never forget that perfect cue.

The whole book was designed in Canva, and Lesley has a free subscription, so we paired a few of our favorite fonts available in the free version to create a clean, friendly brand. She also isn’t into pinks and purples and preferred a more natural palette, so we chose an earthy blend of cozy, calming colors.

the palette

the typography

montserrat classic


Luthier Italic
playlist script
Meredith's design work is intuitive. She was able to understand the design I was going for even when I couldn't clearly articulate it. I am in awe of how Meredith was able to take a vague idea that I could barely articulate and turn it into the perfect design and branding in a matter of weeks. The end product she created reflects me perfectly and is exactly what I didn't even know I wanted. She also took care to make sure it was "just right" instead of "good enough."
Lesley Leake
Yoga Teacher & Author

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