Aileen Uy coaching and wellness full logo

the story

After branding her therapy practice, Aileen decided it was time to integrate her coaching practice into her overall brand. 

Using elements from her therapy logo icon, we pulled out the “flower” and added some hand drawn detail to the “petals.” Keeping her organic neutral color palette, we added several seaside inspired colors as a nod to her California locale. 

the palette

the typography

Azo sans light
azo sans light font
Playfair Display


the brand board

The design was beautiful and more than I could have asked for. Not only do I love looking at it, I get compliments from it all the time. Unlike other designers I have worked with, I felt as though my input was highly valued and taken into consideration. It was a collaborative effort where I shared my vision, and Meredith put it all other in a beautiful package.
Aileen Uy-Garango
Certified Life Coach

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