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With guided meditation! We all know what a “gut feeling” is. Sometimes it’s also referred to as intuition or a hunch. But when that feeling is such a strong and uncomfortable sensation in your body, how do you know if your instinct is a warning to protect you from real danger, or if it’s just fear coming up because you’re scared to do a thing that might actually propel you into greatness?
Coming off of an extremely difficult week in which I took a major dip into depression, I wasn't sure I'd be able to show up the way that I wanted to. I actively chose new thoughts when mine weren't serving me. I let go of the To Do list awaiting me back home and all the things I'd been worrying about.
My particular flavor of self-sabotage involves actions that don't align with my higher vision. That could either be a poor choice of action, or no action at all. So, it's super helpful for me to revisit this passage from to understand that all players on Team Mindset (your beliefs, thoughts, words, and actions) have to be all "put me in coach!"
Thoughts become things. Whatever we surround ourselves with, mentally and physically, we create more of. We have the power to shape our reality, and unfortunately, we've trained ourselves to wield this power very irresponsibly.

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