If you’re bad-mouthing money, you’re gonna wanna go ahead and knock that off

book on deskI love me some Jen Sincero. Among all of my mindset challenges, wealth mindset and my relationship with money take the most work to keep in check.

I revisit passages from her books all the damn time, because I need to hear things over and over and over, otherwise old habits kick down my front door and walk right back in.

My particular flavor of self-sabotage involves actions that don’t align with my higher vision. That could either be a poor choice of action, or no action at all. So, it’s super helpful for me to revisit this passage from You Are a Badass at Making Money to understand that all players on Team Mindset (your beliefs, thoughts, words, and actions) have to be all “put me in coach!” or it ain’t gonna work.

“Your beliefs are driving the bus. They take you where you’re going whether you’re paying attention or not.

“Your thoughts are the tour guide, the person up front with the microphone and the clipboard—she can lean over and yank the wheel, slam on the brakes, step on the gas, flip the bus—she can do whatever, whenever she wants. She usually works in harmony with your beliefs, but she has all the veto power.

“Your words are the assistant to your thoughts and beliefs. Your words back them up, voice their opinions, anchor in their message, keep it real.

“Your emotions are the fuel. They are ignited by your thoughts, and can change your beliefs and the direction of your life. Without emotions, yer going nowhere new and exciting.

“Your actions build the road. They pave the path for your beliefs, but will reroute should thoughts and emotions make a change of plans and decide they want to stop at Dairy Queen or something.

“When all these facets of your mind, body, and spirit are in alignment, focused on the same desire, singing “Ninety-nine Bottles of Beer on the Wall” as they merrily roll along, you can manifest all the riches you desire. But if you’re thinking about how much you’d love to make an extra five thousand dollars a month and how you have no idea how to do it, if you’re feeling terrified and extremely doubtful, believing that people won’t take you seriously (yourself included), if you’re saying out loud “I love money and it comes to me easily” ever morning in the mirror, and if you’re making one sales call per day after which you give up and crack open a beer, you ain’t gonna get very far.

“All members of team mindset must be on the field bringing their A game, yet it’s your thoughts, and I hate to play favorites here, that are the biggest badasses of them all.”

I also like to reread my journal entries from the first time I read this book. Because I love homework, I completed every single exercise at the end of each chapter. I wrote everything in my journal, and reading it back, I can feel the passion and connectedness in my written voice. Reading my own responses serves to reconnect me to Universal Intelligence (God, Spirit, Source Energy, what-have-you) and gives me a sense of peaceful reigniting of self, worth, purpose, and passion. It motivates me to take better care of myself, be more mindful about what comes out of my mouth, reframe my thoughts, and take actions that are aligned with my higher path.

May this serve you in the same manner as you are out there kicking some major butt.

I see you. Keep going.



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