Greg Antrim Kelly

Episode 005: Greg Antrim Kelly – Openness

"There is no mistake in attempting to connect with somebody."

Today I’m talking with Greg Antrim Kelly. He s an artist and curator based in Charlottesville VA. He is co-founder of The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative, and the Charlottesville Mural Project, and currently serves as manager and curator of Studio IX . He maintains an active studio practice as a visual artist, writer and photographer and is currently working on a new book project, while serving as a documentarian and active member of the Prolyyck Run Creww. He has made Charlottesville his home since the fall of 1999.

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in this episode we talk about:
  • Growing up in a small college town in the midwest and then moving to the big city of St Louis where he was exposed to race and class for the first time
  • Community
  • The influence of music, the arts, film and family
  • The role of fierce women and feminism in shaping who Greg is and how he’s able to embrace openness
  • Working on listening more (and better)
  • Doing THE WORK in a diverse community when you’re a white, straight man
  • Being an artist and what that means for connection
  • Living an examined and joyous life
  • The role of sobriety and recovery in life and the ability to connect with people
  • A desire to agitate and push up against things
  • Service vs. people pleasing
  • Struggling with being punished for being vulnerable and needing love as a child
  • Finding the metaphorical keys to unlock the places that already exist within you that just need to have a safe place to be opened and expressed
  • Celebrating artists in an inclusive, supportive way — in an environment of Yes
  • Greg’s upcoming second book



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