Audrey Bigham

Episode 001: Audrey Bigham – Comedy

"It's a lot to live up to. Once you hear that people are funny, you're listening to be entertained."

On this episode, I’m joined by my funny friend and all-around awesome woman, Audrey Bigham.

Audrey calls in from Boston to talk about being a loud and silly kid, her dad calling her when the cats got into her stale weed stash, and how it’s hard to be our full selves at jobs where we are expected to be serious and buttoned up. 

A crushing loss brought her to stand up several years back and I’m eager to find out if and when she’ll be back up on stage…

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in this episode we talk about:
  • Audrey’s first memories of making people laugh
  • Dancing on the table in just underwear at Grandma’s summer house
  • How a painful life change brought her back to comedy
  • Jokes about “chee-kins” (chickens)
  • Using humor to navigate tough situations
  • Not knowing where your place is when you aren’t where you’re “supposed to be” in life
  • Snarky comments from mom
  • Balancing work with cultivating your passion


On stage
Fun with friends
the talent show


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