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Agniezka Siuda

Episode 002: Aga Siuda – Creating Beauty in Physical Spaces

"A beautiful space is a space where people feel connected, and they feel safe, and welcome and loved. "

In this episode, I sit down with my friend Aga Siuda. she’s a branding and design expert, and owner of a small creative business called Graphroots Design. She also co-owns another template design business with me, called Done For You Content. Aga lives in Charleston, SC with her husband Sebastian, daughter, Olivia, and son, Henry. Her Polish upbringing, mixed with more than half a lifetime spent in the U.S., contributes to Aga’s unique design style and her perspective on life. She loves to surround herself with beauty and meaning, both in relationships and material items. 

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in this episode we talk about:
  • Growing up in Poland
  • How Aga doesn’t let anyone tell her she *can’t* do something
  • A funny story about a Snickers bar and Aga’s “work” china
  • Her secrets for creating beautiful, functional spaces 
  • Turning crappy furniture into one-of-a-kind, signature pieces
  • How she “put a bird on it” when she designed her new master bedroom (see pics BELOW)
  • How making pottery is a relationship with the clay and it will respond to whatever energy you bring it 
  • Aga’s dream for a Polish summer Airbnb (the Bot Spot?!) with goats


Furniture rehabs
Designs from aga's previous home

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