Ben German

Episode 003: Ben German – Simplifying Complex Things

"I learned so much by getting it wrong, honestly."

In this episode, Ben and I discuss his very underrated gift of simplifying complex things—spaces, processes, ideas… We talk about how it all started and how he’s using it in life and work today.

Ben German is a British/American immigrant who resides in Charleston, SC with his wife, their two children, and a dog named Deefur. With a background in website design, Ben works with many non-profit organizations to create an online presence that empowers and connects people to drive impact for social good. Living on the east coast, he is especially passionate about aquatic wildlife and is a regular volunteer at his local Aquarium.

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in this episode we talk about:
  • Growing up in England and moving to America
  • The origins of his gift of simplifying complex things
  • Being good at art and design and not much else (according to Ben)
  • Designing the OG Tropicana mobile website
  • Transitioning from a designer to a developer (making big buttons light up)
  • How we met (HWM?) in NEO
  • Leaving the code behind in order to make people more successful
  • How TikTok inspired Ben to write and self-publish a children’s book: Wendy and Naomi Fly on a Plane
  • Seeing patterns in everything
  • Important vs. urgent
  • How you can use design rules in your everyday life
  • Why Ben’s childhood box room was the hotness
  • Getting buy-in during change management
  • Ben’s trick for putting his house Christmas lights up in 15 minutes
  • Trying to get lost on purpose while riding his motorcycle
  • Being a #lifedesigner
  • Symmetry
  • Volunteering at the aquarium with his son


Volunteering at the aquarium with Zackery
ben's smarthome
the og tropicana mobile site of yore
with me and our "sister" agabot

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